2. Frame Handbags

I called my mother today with an important mission.

“Hey, Mom,” I said, “I’m good, yeah, I’m fine but – what are those handbags from the 40’s called? You know, with a structure? They’re kinda square?”

“Uh, Frame? Frame handbags?” she said. 

“Yes!” I cried. “Thank you. I needed to know, you know, for my rectangle blog.”

“But aren’t those more like trapezoids?” 

“Mom, my blog is about rectangles,” I said. “They’re rectangles.”

“But couldn’t you make it about trapezoids?” she asked, “Trapezoids and rectangles?” 

I sighed the deep throaty sigh of a cat with a hairball to cough up. She clearly did not understand my artistic vision. 

“It’s rectangles, Mom. But thanks.” 

Anyway, now that I have the necessary information, I can teach you about yet another rectangular delight. Frame Handbags.

These bags are a thrill of the 1920’s and 40’s, an era I idolize. The  classy, domesticated women, rampant war, abundant cigarettes – what could be bad? 

I can’t answer that question. But I can show you something really fucking good. 

The Frame Handbag. A classy way to schlep your shit around. The frame offers ample space, reduces risk of crushing your breakables and also, it looks really fucking cool.


:my $6 goodwill treasure:

:my $6 goodwill treasure:


Here are some more beauties upon which to feast your starving eyes. 


:a beautiful, classic quilted chanel version:

:a beautiful, classic quilted chanel version:


:marni's fabulous violet suede take on the classic:

:marni's fabulous violet suede take on the classic:


And now a look at some vintage treasures: 


:pink ostrich, from the 1960's:

:pink ostrich, from the 1960's:


:red, from the 1950s:

:red, from the 1950s:


:beautiful 1940's alligator:

:beautiful 1940's alligator:

Those bags are rectangles, bitches. And naysayers can suck it.

May 13, 2009. Fashion, Rectangles.

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