Things That Are Rectangles: An Introduction

Last night I sat at my computer and thought – I need a blog (everyone’s doing it), but what do I have to write about? Ming has already covered clothing. Alex caught food. And, really, what else is important? 

So I posed the question to Big Boy David (picture below). 


:a rectangular representation of the big guy himself:


“Sweet D,” I said, “what should my blog be about?”

And he answered: Things That Are Rectangles.

Granted, he was asleep. In his rectangular bed, sleeping on a rectangular pillow, in a rectangular room full of rectangular books and dvds. At first I thought, “David, that’s stupid.” Actually, I said it to him. And then, as I continued to think, and think, and think…

IT CAME TO ME. Things That Are Rectangles. What a glorious idea! What a broad and diverse subject matter! 

So, here it goes, folks. An Important List of Things That Are Rectangles. 

My Phone
DVDS (in their cases)
Pita Chips 
Some Rooms
Some Pills 
This Computer Screen
The Search Bar
My Journal (and Most Journals) 
Sugar’s Favorite Place to Sleep
Stairs (individually)
Packs of Cigarettes

And, gee whiz folks! Those are all my favorite things.  So, Things That Are Rectangles it is.

May 13, 2009. Rectangles.

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