3. Ramen Noodles


:kinda tasty, kinda filling, really salty, really cheap:

:kinda tasty, kinda filling, really salty, really cheap:

Two days ago I went to clean out my ex-dorm room at Swarthmore. I packed a lot of shit into (rectangular) boxes to send to my (rectangular) storage unit. I filled out a shitload of paperwork with muh boy Dwayne at Extra Space Storage.



:once you start looking, everything's a rectangle:


I packed a big box to take home, in case I needed its contents over the summer. But one thing that I did not pack or throw away were my ramen noodles, saved from the fall. Instead I put these in the “save for next year” pile, with my stepstool, sheets and towels. They’re currently living in my Space Saver Unit. I’m not supposed to keep food in there, but I’m pretty sure that Ramen Noodles don’t actually contain any food. 

The beauty of this treat, as every college student knows, is that it’s a meal for super cheap and super easy. 4 for $1 is usually a rip off. Also, they taste great at all times – stoned, sober, drunk. And, what else really  counts? What they lack in nutritional value they make up for in flavor, provided by the small foil packet included in each package. And, boy, do they pack a punch! 

One of my favorite things about this treat is that not only is the packaging rectangular, but the food is, too. 


:rectangular noodles:

:rectangular noodles:


Apparently, Ramen is something legitimate outside of the US. Not only is it not rectangular or instant, it seems like it’s actually kinda good for you. And probably expensive. I don’t think I have to translate that, but to me it just sounds really lame. In Japan, there are 4 kinds of ramen soups, all with foreign sounding names. In America, there are at least 4 that I can rattle off the top of my head: Oriental, Chicken, Roast Beef, Shrimp. I know that there are more, right in the friendly soup aisle of my local grocery store. So, suck it, Japan. 

Interestingly, it appears that many cultures appreciate “noodle soups.” Here is a fascinating Wikipedia page to prove it. America just seems to register with “Chicken Noodle Soup.” Asian countries get a lot more play. I’ll just take that as bias on Wikipedia’s part, and not any sort of insult to the American palate.

May 14, 2009. Food, Rectangles.


  1. Daniel replied:

    Spicy Beef!

    Not as good as chicken, spicy chicken, or oriental, but alright if you got the munchies and wanna use up the one that you bought at the grocery store because you were curious.

  2. 52. Toxel.com « Things That Are Rectangles replied:

    […] at the post office next time you need sum tape to mail a care package. Or wrap up a box at the storage facility. Those poor people need more excitement in their lives anyway. It would be a mitzvah. :"message […]

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