11. The Golden Rectangle

I was speaking to my bitchass friend Joe today, when he had the gall to tell me that my blog was not relevant to his life. 

“I’m a designer-fabricator,” he said. “And I have a lot of other blogs to follow. Mostly about architecture and design.” 

Well, Joe Fucking Wills, this one’s for you. The Golden Rectangle. 


:the golden fucking rectangle:

:the golden fucking rectangle:



A golden rectangle is a rectangle with sides that are in proportion with the golden ratio  – 1:1.618.


:pythagoras, the greek philosopher and mathematician often credited for the golden ratio:

:pythagoras, the greek philosopher and mathematician often credited for discovering the golden ratio:



Interestingly enough, when one removes a square section from the rectangle, one is left with another golden rectangle. This process can be repeated infinitely, with the same results. Sounds like a fun game to me. 

Countless works of art and architecture have relied on the golden rectangle, since the shape proves to be immensely appealing to the human aesthetic. Renaissance artists were especially obsessed with this concept, but it has influenced many others in its day. 

The Parthenon, in fact, owes its facade to the golden rectangle. Check it: 


:ancient greeks sure thought rectangles were relevant:

:ancient greeks sure thought rectangles were relevant:



The Great Mosque of Uqba in Tunisia is said to adhere to the golden ratio: 


:bigtime muslims did, too:

:bigtime muslims did, too:


Le Corbusier, an artist, architect, urban planner, writer and designer, often credited as the father of Modern Architecture, loved the golden rectangle. 


:sweet house, le corbusier:

:sweet house, le corbusier:


Salvador Dali’s “Sacrament of the Last Supper” employed the golden rectangle,


:dali would've loved my blog:

:dali would've loved my blog:



and Mondrian, nearly a cult figure of modern art, used the golden rectangle extensively in his artwork. 


:this one's pretty obvious:

:this one's pretty obvious:


So suck it, Joe.

May 20, 2009. Art, History, Rectangles.


  1. farcefodderandfoodstuffs replied:

    Ohhhh snap. Joe, you should feel like a FOOL. Don’t put up with that s*$% Eliza!

  2. Daniel replied:

    Oh my gosh. “Sounds like a fun game to me” had me lol-ing at my desk at work. Thanks for the new posts. Just let me know when you want me to stop commenting.

    – Your number one fan. *audibly slurps the spit from my braces and smiles*

  3. Christina replied:

    Perhaps next time, you can screenshot and paste the wikipedia article instead of waste time copying everything it says sporadically.

    • Eliza H. replied:

      Thank you, Christina. Very astute.

    • TheGoogler replied:

      oh. my. god. i have been thinking the same thing for three months but have been too afraid to say anything. thank you for standing up on behalf of all of us.

      but, question: wouldn’t taking a screenshot of the wikipedia article and pasting it here make it rather difficult to read? especially since the “blogger” has not yet figured out how to make pictures larger than 2 x 2. i suppose she could just tile them and post them in order from right to left, up to down, but then wouldn’t that make the article, like, six hundred pages of 2 x 2 jpeg files?

  4. HAMIM replied:


  5. online stock trading advice replied:

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  6. joseph replied:


    your a bitch.

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