17. The Bunny Game


:one of the best procrastination tools ever:

:one of the best procrastination tools ever:


Its official name is “Winterbells,” created by Orisinal games. But most who know and love it just refer to it as “The Bunny Game.” THE Bunny Game. I was introduced to it my freshman year of college, as it spread through my group of friends like herpes, or maybe AIDS. First Alex got into it, then Eric picked it up, then Ming and I. All of a sudden, plinky music followed us around all the time. And it was so, so addictive. Eric, always a stud at games, got a score so high that it wouldn’t fit on the screen. I’ve managed to settle for 32398161875000. For reals, that’s my highest score.  

Ok, so – the bunny moves upward with your mouse, jumping on little jingly-jangly bells that give you points. Every now and then, a bird flies horizontally  across the screen, and jumping on this bird doubles your score. Miss a bell and Bunny falls to the ground (but never dies – for the animal lovers out there). This seemingly straightforward game offers up a lot of questions, especially regarding strategy. 

Does the player try to hit every bell? As many bells as possible? Or does the player simply use the bells as a ladder to get to the birds, trying to double a score as often as possible? SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

I played it a lot last summer when I had the most boring internship ever, sorting files in a hot, dusty warehouse. I got pretty good. Pretty decent. My concentration was intense. My hands were steady, and my palms didn’t sweat. So this summer, bored again, I turned to my old friend Mr. Bunny. But now I’m out of shape. I have trouble getting past 3749670. I’m working on training, training, training, to get myself back to the Carnegie Hall of the Bunny Game. I’ve decided to focus on “less bells, more birds” – Eric’s winning strategy. So wish me luck.

May 29, 2009. Rectangles, Websites.

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  1. Daniel replied:

    High score: 210. Awww yeah.

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