20. Jazz ‘Round Midnight: Billie Holiday


:album covers are rectangular. itunes is, too:

:album covers are rectangular. itunes is, too:



Normally, I’m pretentious as hell about compilation albums. I don’t like that they disturb the artistic and musical vision of the initial album, and I tend to be obnoxiously into listening to music in the proper “holistic” order. (Seriously. I recognize that it’s awful. I try to keep it to myself.) 

However, one evening, after watching Annie Hall and crying through the last hour, I wanted to hear “It Had To Be You.” I would’ve preferred the Diane Keaton version, at the time, but since that’s unavailable, I “settled” for Billie. And I got hooked. And, like most people who finally discover something that makes them feel great with very little effort – like crack, or Lily of the Valley Bubble Bath – I wanted more. And more. And more. So this compilation has been a-spinning on my Itunes for the past four days – nonstop. 

The track that I bought it for, It Had To Be You, is beautiful. Billie’s sultry voice makes me feel like smoking just might be the best choice, after all. The lyrics break my heart and seem poignant every time I listen to it. But I discovered some great treats for myself in listening to the rest of  the album. “Ill Wind,” “You Go To My Head,” and “You Turned the Tables on Me” are standouts, but really  – the whole album is way more than worth listening to. Especially after a floral scented bubble bath, with a splash of lavender water, a spritz of perfume, and nails painted a pale, ladylike color. Nothing makes me feel sexier or more like a lady. Throw in a silk(y) nightgown and I feel like Liz Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

June 9, 2009. Music, Rectangles.

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  1. Daniel replied:

    The only thing more obnoxious than being an album nazi is your link to the IMDB page of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I love you, lets be friends.

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