24. Sugar’s Prayer Rug


:my pretty girl, a-sleepin':

:my pretty girl, a-sleepin' on her prayer rug:

My dog, Sugar, started sleeping on my bed the summer after I broke up with my high school boyfriend. I was heartbroken, and my sweet little girl came to take care of me. Ever since, Sugar and I have shared a bed. I’ll wander upstairs at 1 am, and Sugar will get up off the floor in the hallway and follow me up the long stairs to my room in the attic. When I went away to college, Sugar slept on Sam’s bed. But every time I came home, for breaks or weekends or holidays, Sugar would come right back to hogging my full-size bed. 

Every night I have to pick her up and move her from the place where my legs should fit to a more convenient place. Sometimes in the morning she’ll wake me up – by stepping on me and digging her cold, wet nose into my face. Even so, I love snuggling with her and she is great company when I’m lonely.

Since the renaissance of Big Boy David, however, Sugar’s been relegated to the floor. Luckily, when I redecorated my room this fall, I picked up a little Muslim prayer rug from Unique Thrift. Sugar loves her prayer rug. She immediately took to it, and now she sleeps on it every night when there is no room for her in the bed. I always keep the prayer rug clean for her, and make sure it’s not covered with uncomfortable things to sleep on. I put it in front of the fan, so she can be comfortable, and in a convenient place where she can still watch over me while I sleep. 

The deep irony of this situation was illuminated to me by Big D. Apparently, Muslims find dogs unholy, filthy and impure. Muhammed really didn’t like dogs. Angels, apparently, didn’t either. But Sugarbear just loves her prayer rug. Uh oh. I’m going to Muslim Hell.

At least it’s oriented toward the east…

June 15, 2009. Culture, Rectangles, Religion.

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