27. PB&J Sandwiches

:what a glorious miracle of rectangular delight!:

:what a glorious miracle of rectangular delight!:

Big Boy David recently informed me of two fascinating things.

1) Apparently I can get paid if I let people advertise on my blog. This would subsidize cigarettes and thrift store clothing.

2) Sandwiches are rectangles.

So, let’s talk sandwiches today.

The PBJ is an iconic American sandwich.

Apparently, its convenience and popularity stem from one very important aspect. It is so simple, yet so beautiful.

The PBJ contains no perishable ingredients. This makes it great for summer-camp brown bags, long road trips, or hospital visits.

Wikipedia told me that the average American will eat 1500 PBJ sandwiches before graduating from High School. That sounds like a lot of PBJ’s, but let’s investigate the math.

1500/18 = 83 1/3 PBJ’s a year (I assume the 1/3 comes from “Can I just have one quick bite?”)

83 1/3 / 12 = 6.9 PBJ’s a month

That’s barely two PBJ’s a week! That’s nothing, especially when you consider those big, strapping boys from Iowa who probably down 6 sandwiches in one noon-time meal.

So the numbers aren’t as shocking as one might think. But this is definitely an American trend that cannot be ignored.

My friend, Phil-I-Am, was born in Russia and moved to America as a small child. He hates peanut butter and cannot understand the PBJ experience. In fact, he is completely repulsed by it. Look at that cultural divide. Poor Phil needs some American lessons.

A close relation of the PBJ is, of course, the Fluffernutter, but that’s another rectangle for another time.

:yurm. nosh away:

:yurm. nosh away:

June 28, 2009. Culture, Food, Rectangles.

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    […] be jarring to my readers. But keep in mind that the sandwiches were rectangles to begin with (See here). And, once again, we’re studying folks who like to play with their food. What could be […]

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