34. My Initials

:someone else's hot interpretation of their initials:

:someone else's initials:


Three letters. Each is made up of parallel lines and right angles (essential components of the rectangle). They fit, easily and conveniently, into a little rectangle themselves – each letter does, and then all three do. All you have to do is continue their lines forever (see plaid). This isn’t a matter of typeface, it’s a matter of the nature of the letters. E, L, and H are all strong, boxy and rectangular. What does this say about me?

Something to reflect on, kids.

Try to check patterns in your initials.

For example, I first started looking at initials with my friend Val. Hers are


Three open letters that invite the world in. What does that say about Miss Val? What do my stark rectangle plaids say about me? Initials are so important in our world. They seem to show up everywhere –  in preppy monograms, illiterate people’s signatures, legal documents or just as ways to differentiate between ourselves and others (I was Eliza H through 9th grade). My grandfather’s name is Joseph C. Hecht, but he made up the “C” to sound more professional. It don’t stand for shit.

Initials are afforded a lot of attention that I wouldn’t have expected.

This is an article entitled “Are Your Initials Holding You Back?”

I have no idea what the significance of this website is, but it’s devoted to initials.

Start exploring the world of initials for yourself, friends. Who knows what you may find. It’s an endless, magical journey of letters.

:jwd - start analyzing that shit stat:

:jwd - start analyzing that shit stat:


October 6, 2009. Art, Culture, Rectangles.

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