35. Fla-Vor-Ice

:don't know these children, but i can identify:

:don't know these children, but i can identify:

When it comes to frozen confections, I like Red and Blue. My brother is a big fan of Green. No one really likes Purple. But these aren’t just aesthetic concerns – Red, Blue, Green and Purple have distinct tastes and connotations. I love anything that’s identifiable, flavor-wise, only by color. It feels real, like I know it comes straight from the earth.

:just imagine what each color tastes like:

:just imagine what each color tastes like:

Fla-Vor-Ice was a (rectangular) pillar of my childhood, along with playing naked in the mud and dressing up as a ballerina. On weekends, my father would walk my brother and I up to a little corner market, and we would each get to choose a big, colorful tube of – well – flavored ice.

These ice-pops are offered in rectangular tubes of liquid that one can store frozen or in liquid form. My friend Todd used to drink them, unfrozen, as juice.

:color selection, unfrozen. ew.:

:color selection, unfrozen. ew.:

That sounds absolutely disgusting.

Recently, Fla-Vor-Ice has come back into my life. My brother Sam discovered that he could buy Fla-Vor-Ice in bulk at CVS, and then in more bulk at Cost-co, and then in even greater bulk on the internet. Now, my freezer is perpetually stocked with multicolored frozen treats. Sometimes Sam and I will share an evening sitting by the TV, eating Fla-Vor-Ice by the dozen (this process turns the tongue an enticing shade of purple). It’s a great bonding experience, and a delicious treat. There is seldom anything more exciting or comforting (depending on the situation) than a nice big rectangular packet of Fla-Vor-Ice. In Red, please.

:that's right. 200 pops.:

:that's right. 200 pops.:

October 7, 2009. Culture, Food, Rectangles.


  1. Alex replied:

    Most delicious rectangles

  2. Eliza H. replied:

    watch it. you tryna start a fight? i know some fluffernutters who would take you out over something like that.

    • peter o'kief replied:


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