47. The Crayola Crayon Box

:taste the rainbow:

:taste the rainbow:

When I was growing up, we had very few art supplies in my house. However, the one thing we always had was a large box (or two) of Crayola crayons. These crayons seem harmless, but my house had many adventures with the 96 colors we possessed.

Or once possessed.

From when I was born until I was 12, my family had a dog named Lucy. Our theory is that she literally had a screw loose in her brain. She was a crazy dog. This is not Lucy, but it looks a lot like her.

:lucy had more of a crazy look in her eyes:

:lucy had more of a crazy look in her eyes:

One day, my brother and I had been coloring. We accidentally left a box of crayons out on a table. This was our precious 96-crayon box. Sharpener included.

:celebrated 96 king-size box - with built in sharpener!:

:celebrated 96 king-size box - with built in sharpener!:

Ten minutes later, we came back into the room. Lucy had eaten all 96 crayons, plus the sharpener. For months, our backyard was covered in piles of rainbow-colored shit. We never found the sharpener.

:i'm sorry, i had to:

:i'm sorry, i had to:

Now, let’s talk crayons. Enough storytelling. Crayola is just so creative, friends. There are so many colors! Not just red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. They didn’t even stop at red-violet, violet-red, red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-orange, yellow-green, green-yellow and orange-red. No. These trailblazers created colors that no one else could have thought of.

:so many colors. so many names.:

:so many colors. so many names.:

So impressive. Here are some more. Check the variety.

:mo' colors, mo' problems?:

:mo' colors, mo' problems?:

For the record, I’ve always been partial to “robin’s egg blue,” “macaroni and cheese,” and “purple mountain’s majesty.” Luckily, there’s lots of room for disagreement.

October 26, 2009. Art, Rectangles.


  1. Daniel replied:

    Kind of makes you wonder if the folks at crayola are in cahoots with the company store catalogue.

  2. farcefodderandfoodstuffs replied:

    tickle me pink from the big sized lil’ kids crayola box is THE BEST! LOVED THIS.

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