50. Cars (and Not Bikes)

Bikes – not rectangles. Not even close. Bike are some lines and some circles…basically this:



But a simple car? A car is a rectangle, maybe two rectangles, with some circley wheels. Check it:

:assembled car, take 1:

:assembled car, take 1:

Even the windows in cars are rectangles, or mostly. Once again, a simple rendition:


:car with windows:

And EVEN THE GAS TANK COVER is a rectangle. Phew, that makes me feel so much better about buying gas. It’s like God is telling me to.

:czek the gas tank:

:czek the gas tank:

And now a simple syllogism.

1. God Loves Things That Are Rectangles

2. Cars Are Rectangles

3. God Loves Cars.


:god's own truth:

And one more.

1. God Don’t Like Things That Aren’t Rectangles

2. Bikes Ain’t Rectangles

3. God Don’t Like Bikes (and neither do I)

:who can argue with that?:

:who can argue with that?:

Wow, that makes me feel so much better for hating the people who bike down Connecticut Avenue. Not only do they ignore traffic laws, forget that there are other people on the road, and hog the lanes – also, God don’t like ’em.

Sorry, guys.

(Props to Sasha on this one.)

November 1, 2009. Art, Rectangles, Religion, Science, Truth.

One Comment

  1. Daniel replied:

    truer words were never blogged.

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