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:rectangular mirrors:

Sometimes rectangles reflect themselves over and over, like an image reflecting back and forth between two mirrors. On our rectangular computer screens flash rectangular websites with rectangular boxes of text. And sometimes, when we get lucky, there are even rectangular photographs of artwork or cool shit that was conceived after the convenient and lovable mold of the rectangle.

I stumbled upon Toxel.com and was blown away. I wish I could have a design blog this awesome. I have to highlight some of the really, really cool rectangular shit on here, and I highly recommend checking out the non-rectangular goods as well (I know, I know).

I spent at least an hour just browsing through pictures to decide what I needed to share with my Rectangle-Lovers. I even looked at some Stuff That Wasn’t Rectanglular. Don’t tell. It just goes to show how sweet this site is. Anyway, after an hour or two of research, here’s what I have to share with you.

1. “20 Unusual and Creative Ice Cube Trays.

Ice cube trays are often among the most rectangular goods we own. The trays themselves are not only rectangles, but ice cubes usually come out in a rectangular fashion, as well.


:normal, boring (but utterly rectangular) ice tray:

These sweet ice cube trays are still rectangular, but the cubes are not. Check out a few awesome ones.


:so beautifully disgusting:


:badass bullet ice cubes, for when you're feelin' violent but don't wanna go to jail:


:pretty sweet, whether you believe in dinosaurs and evolution or not:

2. “National Flags Made Out of Food.”

This combines two of my favorite things – Shit That’s Rectangular and Shit That’s Nasty. This is a perfect example of why we should play with our food – it’s both patriotic and gross! But seriously, these flags are really clever and also really cool. They address stereotypical foods, culinary traditions AND nationalism at the same time. That’s hard.




:brazil (seriously!!):



Unfortunately the American flag was not represented. Fucking commies.

3. “Modern and Creative Packing Tape Designs.”

No more boring brown tape. Impress the folks at the post office next time you need sum tape to mail a care package. Or wrap up a box at the storage facility. Those poor people need more excitement in their lives anyway. It would be a mitzvah.


:"message tape." instructions included.:


:message tape in action. i think this one's my fave.:


:or, my personal philosophy - "everything is not okay, but that's okay.":


:tape intended to be crumpled into a soccer ball! how beautifully useless:

4. “12 Creative Toilet Paper Designs.”

I mean, let’s be real. The white gets really old sometime, no? I know my Grandma sometimes buys pastel blue toilet paper or pink Kleenex.


:grandma phil's fave. makes the bathroom more exciting:

Why not move this exciting phenom into the world of the younger generations?


:classy black toilet paper:


:to write down your thoughts while youse on the can:


:it glows in the dark. seriously.:


:i don't think this needs explanation. toxel wrote, "You can always use dollar bills when you run out of regular toilet paper…":

And finally:

5. “15 Amazing  Sandwich Art Creations.”

A warning: some of these are a bit of a departure from the rectangle. It may be jarring to my readers. But keep in mind that the sandwiches were rectangles to begin with (See here). And, once again, we’re studying folks who like to play with their food. What could be bad?


:rubix cube sandwich - soooo many rectangles!:


:dude. some fucker is a genius with the sandwich. how amazing is this?:


:super cute. who's wearing the lil' bitty socks?:


:i saved this one for last. obviously the most awesome sandwich ever. seriously? bacon and bourbon? i'm in love:

Anyway, a little taste for my readers. Check out the website. Pay special attention to the rectangles.

Thank you, Toxel dudes. Your blog is really really awesome.

November 8, 2009. Art, Culture, Fashion, Food, Geography, Rectangles, Websites.

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  1. id replied:

    Laughing, as usual. But the piano sandwich?? Some folks have too much time on their hands.

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