56. Rectangles Restaurant

I’ve recently been alerted to a fascinating new Rectangular Experience.

In New York, on the Upper East Side (on First between 74th and 75th), lives a restaurant intimately connected to our cause:


:rectangles restaurant:

As my literate readers can see, Rectangles purports to offer “Authentic Yemenite Israeli Cuisine and Bar.” I wonder what an authentic Yemenite Israeli Bar looks like.

It is also officially Kosher. In fact, its Certificate of Kashrut is even available on the website, just in case people were skeptical.


:the certificate is even rectangular. and it's signed by a real live rabbi!:

None of the food looks particularly rectangular, unfortunately. There’s a lot of mushy stuff, like hummus, and round stuff, like falafel. However, the interior decor adheres strongly to rectangular principles and values. Unfortunately, you’ll have to visit the website to see pictures, since they’re only available to download as thumbnails.

But here’s the facade to enjoy – also highly rectangular.


:so so rectangular:


:and a rectangular banner, too!:

I still haven’t figured out why this restaurant is actually called Rectangles, but I’m overjoyed to hear that we’re getting some respek from the food-related community.


:some yemeni jews:

On a somewhat sidenote – Rectangles Restaurant advertises itself as Yemenite-Israeli. In fact, Yemenite Jews have a really distinct and interesting culture, pretty distinct from Judaism as we generally see it. For the most part, they have migrated from Yemen into Israel. They are the only modern Jewish community who reads the Torah in both Hebrew and Aramaic, an ancient tradition that is rarely recognized today. Children (as in, those who have not been Bar Mitzvahed) are also often involved in services. Really interesting.


:some yemenite kids:

(props to Marcus for the rectangular tip)

November 12, 2009. Culture, Food, Geography, Rectangles, Religion.

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