62. The Ashtrays at Diner 29

:real man-made interior:

This is my favorite place in the world.

:diner 29, historical landmark:

Or will be, until this Tuesday, when legislation goes into gear in Virginia that means that I can’t smoke inside of Diner 29.

:ashtray in diner 29 - rectangle:

I’m sorry. I like to have my smoke and my coffee after a long trek into Fairfax County.

:but don't i look so beautiful and happy?:

Seriously, though. With Big Tobacco VA out of the picture, where can I smoke cigarettes?

Wikipedia says:









South Carolina




West Virginia.

What? That leaves us happy smokers only twelve states to happily smoke in. This is filthy communism!

Apparently others feel the same way:


Back off my happiness, US of A!

(Props to Daniel K for research and photos)

November 28, 2009. Culture, Geography, History, Rectangles, Religion, Science, Truth.


  1. Ming Cai replied:

    wikipedia listed missouri twice, so it’s really only twelve states. thank god for PA diners though…at least i think they still allow smoking. that’ll be such an unpleasant shock if they’ve changed that by the time i get back!
    miss you dear,

  2. Guancous Armore replied:

    You can still smoke in bars is Wisconsin as well.

  3. Sophie Kaufmann replied:

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