69. What’s In That Fridge, Yo?

Haven’t you ever had one of those nights where you’re just like, yo, what the fuck do my friends keep in their fridges? What do strangers keep in their fridges? What do I keep in my fridge?

:some pretentious bitch on the internet has mostly french words in his fridge:

Well, friends, now all fridge-content related questions can be answered at the rectangular and innovative blog What’s In That Fridge.

Here’s the idea. It involves rectangular photos:

:four whole sides, four whole right angles:

Of people’s rectangular fridges:

:two pairs of parallel sides:

And sometimes rectangular shit that’s in them:

:this dude seems to eat only rectangles:

Followed by a classification of all items. So – for example, in Sasha’s fridge:

:what's in it, yo?:

Fridge Contents:

  • PBR
  • soy milk
  • Brita
  • donuts
  • chocolate covered espresso beans
  • half drunk diet coke
  • expired organic boxed soup
  • coffee
  • nail polish

Magical! Brilliant! Everything I ever wanted to know, right here on one page.

December 20, 2009. Food, Rectangles, Websites.

One Comment

  1. Aaron replied:

    I LOVE This!!!

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