76. Tattoos

Today I was eating lunch with my friends Joe, Scott and Nilay and I realized that the Rectangular Tattoo was taking up a significant part of the table.

Nilay has a golden rectangle on her forearm:

:so many rectangles:

Scotty has two rectangle tats. First, someone hanging (on his wrist):


Then, something about industry on his forearm.

But those are just rectangles on people I know! Here are a few more:

The Golden Ratio, in the form of a Golden Rectangle. WHOA.

:super meta:

Starry Night, emblazoned on a shoulder blade in a way reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s “Skin“:

:van gogh would be proud:

Here’s a periodic table (rectangles upon rectangles!). Some of the elements are probs rectangular, too.

:kinda cool:

And, finally, courtesy of Ugliesttattoos.com:

:brand loyalty:

January 22, 2010. Art, Culture, Fashion, Rectangles, Websites.

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