77. Hobby/Craft Squares

I discovered these beauties in the bargain aisle of the CVS. While they are not strictly squares (more like cubes), they’re even better – since they have six rectangular sides.

Featuring colors like red, yellow, green, blue, orange and purple, Hobby/Craft Squares just may be a revolution in cheap craft technology.

They are particularly convenient should you need to build a tower, a checkerboard or a small arrangement of colored cubes. Design and fabricate away!

One crafter’s work:


:boom! she painted them and made a pokemon (or something):

Here are some of my creations.


:my tallest was 22 stories:

Pattern square:

:6 x 6 x 6 x 6:

If you want some cubes of your own, a more expensive version is available here.

:bougie cubes:

As you can see below, my pack contained:

14 reds

14 greens

13 yellows

13 blues

11 purples


7 oranges.

:you never know what you're gonna get:

It’s always a surprise in cube-town!  Now get to hobbying.

February 8, 2010. Art, Rectangles.

One Comment

  1. val replied:

    so few oranges! so much rude/scurvy.
    (the greens aren’t limes, i CEHCKED)

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