81. Buses

:a bus in london:

Think about how many people take the bus every day. In your city, in every city, in the world. A lot of people in a lot of rectangles.

:school bus:

The buses to my house are the M4 and the E2 or E4.

The bus is also an integral part of the children’s song “The Wheels On The Bus.”

:children in rectangle:

However, the wheels themselves are not rectangular.

Question of the day:

Why don’t coin machines on buses make change?

:city bus:

February 23, 2010. Culture, Music, Rectangles.

One Comment

  1. id replied:

    Please forgive the teacher in me for this red pencil moment:
    one bus…two buses (with one ‘s’). Sorry, but that makes me cRaZy.

    Missed you this weekend! I’m sure your ears were ringing as I was telling your parents how much I love the creativity of this blog. Keep on keeping on!! Much love to you~~

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