88. Color Scheme Designer

Last night I was awake with chills and aches all through my body. I felt horrible, but it was a great opportunity to stumbleupon the wonders of the internet. I found this website, Color Scheme Designer.

:shades of "mono" rectangles:

So many rectangles! In so many colors.

What do I do?

You pick a color on the color wheel, which can be adjusted for hues and shades and schemes and saturations. Then you choose between various color palettes: Mono, Complement, Triad, Tetrad, Analogic and Accented Analogic.

:pretty sure this one is tetrad:

You can even randomize the colors, to get lots of different rectangular combinations without so much work.

The idea is that the website helps people to chose color schemes for rooms, projects or presentations. There’s also an “Instant Designer Shop” where viewers can shop for logos, templates or services.¬†Or blogs. I wonder what CSD would say about its rectangular friend TTAR…

April 1, 2010. Art, Rectangles, Websites. Leave a comment.