89. El Valle de Anton

Dear reader Mandy suggested that I look up Snapple “Real Fact” #887.

:sharer of real facts:

It says:

The “Valley of Square Trees” in Panama is the only known place in the world where trees have rectangular trunks.

So I looked into it. And it turns out, yes, these trees are rectangles!

El Valle de Anton (commonly called “El Valle”) is a town in the Cocle province of Panama. It has one main road and – according to Wikipedia – “a very small museum, as well as a small zoo, a small serpentarium, and a garden displaying 100 native local orchid species.” This sounds like a prime tourist attraction. Check that serpentarium!

But, most importantly, this town is home to a grove of square trunked trees.

Now let’s look at some rectangles.

These trees are members of the Cottonwood family. FYI, the Cottonwood happens to be the Kansas state tree. Here’s a normal Cottonwood:

:go kansas!:

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is a square one:

:check out the faces:

Some more:


:a good trunk.:

May 8, 2010. Geography, Rectangles, Science.


  1. Jamaal Aguilar replied:

    If only more than 65 people could read about this.

  2. Ann Wilson replied:

    I used to live in Panama and never heard that about El Valle (Vie -yay) It was famous for golden frogs, which I think are now extinct.

  3. Eddy replied:

    Nature has everything amazing and sometimes presents miracles…

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