91. Post-It Art

:classy ass quadrilaterals:

There are very few media that focus on the rectangle. Sure, people go with a rectangular canvas or a broad square of paper, but those are often matters of convenience rather than deliberate choices on the part of the artist. Michelangelo purposely transformed rectangular blocks into various non-linear shapes. Pointillism is all about the dot, which tends to be round. Impressionism relies on the dab, a fundamentally elliptical trend. However, I was lucky enough to come across Post-It Art, a form of expression dedicated to a rectangular medium.

:post it bedroom:

While oil paints can run an artist up to $40 a pop, packages of Post-Its can cost less than ten dollars for ten or even twenty pads. Only a rectangle could be so universal. This medium is for the people, friends. Post-It art is accessible to anyone with a drugstore or stationer’s within walking distance.


I’d love to see my readers branch out into Postcard Art or Birthday Card Art. What can you come up with?

May 29, 2010. Art, Culture, Fashion, Rectangles.


  1. Post Typography replied:

    Perhaps we could get a credit for our work/photo on this site?

    Post-it Wall Installation
    Post Typography
    Baltimore, MD

    • Eliza H replied:

      Absolutely! I apologize. Great work!

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