93. Contortionists

I found this picture six months ago:

:in spur ay shun ul:

It inspired me in so many, many ways – not the least of which was, Can’t I do that, too? What if I tried to fit into as many rectangles as possible, documented it with photographic evidence, and then posted it to my blizzog? What if I went to Ikea (home of many rectangles) and took advantage of the parallelograms?

God, that was a brilliant idea. I tried to get Joe Shmoe to go to Ikea with me, but he wouldn’t (Joe, maybe that’s what being a pussy feels like). Luckily along came Curtis, who not only accompanied me to Ikea, but dressed all in black and executed our photo sesh with pizzazz.

Unfortunately, the (non-rectangular) camera that I bought at the CVS lost all of our pictures. There is no photographic evidence of, say, me climbing in between the rectangular shelves of a rectangular wardrobe or Curtis lying flat under a rectangular couch. Hopefully one day some photos like this will come to light.

For now the naked girl in the laundry basket will have to do.

June 9, 2010. Art, Culture, Rectangles.


  1. Kaliana. replied:

    Great. c: Do it again and take pictures!

  2. ashley replied:

    The girl in this picture was 15 at the time. Take it down. This is child pornography. She did not know this picture was taken of her or how it got on the internet. It is ruining her life please take it down.

  3. Alyssa replied:

    this pic needs to be removed as it is soliciting child pornography. please message me with details.

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