100. DJ Rectangle

My dear friends Dirk Keaton and Brian Gonynor make up the hot DC hip hop group The Eubonics. Give them a listen. Especially “Fuck Tom Hanks” and “Gucci Linen.”

:top five white rappers in the dmv:

Once I was talking to Mr. Keaton about hip-hop and he was telling me how it’s really all about the DJ’s – like DJ Rectangle, I presume.

:my man spinnin':

I have to say, none of his music really did it for me. However, this dude is big – his myspace songs have hundreds of thousands of plays. And since he is one with the shape, I had to dig deeper.

According to Wikipedia, DJ Rectangle “is an American hip hop DJ/turntablist and hip hop/R&B record producer. He is best known for his battle records and party-friendly mixtapes. Previously based out of Los Angeles, CA, he now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. His mix tapes generally feature West Coast artists. He competed in the U.S. DMC DJ Championships in the early nineties. In 1991 he made it to the DMC US finals but was bested by DJ Q-Bert. In 1993 he won the U.S DMC championship, the same year that he became the DJ for West Coast rapper Warren G. DJ Rectangle is considered an underdog of DJ’s creating a unique style of music that relates crowds all over the world.”

:glamr shot:

He relates crowds all over the WORLD, bitches. So give him a listen, for Post Number 100, and, as the Eubonics always say, please put your hands in the air.

:rectangle's rectangular poster:

August 26, 2010. Culture, Music, Rectangles.


  1. Dan replied:



  2. dj rectangle replied:

    actually beat q-bert many times

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