98. Ms. Bittle and “Little Giraffes.”

I went on a rectangular google treasure hunt tonight. I couldn’t sleep, although Curtis was snoring away next to me. When I googled “rectangular songs” I found this website. It’s just called “Shapes,” but it seems to be a part of the Little Giraffes learning program, featuring art projects strongly influenced by Ms. Bittle (obviously a fantastic art teacher, wish we could be buds).

Although the songs were the first thing I found, they were sub par. For example:

Rectangle Song

(tune of: “The Farmer in the Dell”)

A rectangle has 4 sides,
A rectangle has 4 sides,
Two are long, and
Two are short.
A rectangle has 4 sides!

Okay, making some progress. These kids will learn about parallelograms eventually, and 90 degree angles. They’ll get there, but not with Little Giraffes, apparently.

One of the songs even mooched its way into the incorrect, in my opinion. I’ll let my readers judge for themselves, but I’ve worked so hard to convince the world that squares are rectangles that I just don’t think this is helpful.

It’s a Rectangle

(to the tune of: “B-I-N-G-O”)

There is a shape that has four sides,
But it is not a square…No!
It’s a rectangle;
It’s a rectangle;
It’s a rectangle;
It is not like a square…No!
Two sides are long; two sides are short.
They are not the same…No!
It’s a rectangle;
It’s a rectangle;
It’s a rectangle;
The sides are not the same…No!

I dunno, Ms. Bittle. I just don’t know.

Next I moved onto the art projects. I’ll include the captions that the teacher wrote underneath them.

“This fishy project was created by cutting the corners off of a rectangle to make the fish. Then triangles were added for the fins and sea plants.Thanks to our art teacher, Ms. Bittle, for these projects.”

:more from ms. bittle:

“Glue different size rectangles on paper to make a picture–another idea from Ms. Bittle.”

“This turtle was drawn and the shell was filled in with pre-cut colored squares.”

Also, this just sounds fun:

Have a shape party by asking parents to donate foods in different shapes.

Circles: M&Ms, Oreos, Nilla wafers

Squares: Cheese Nips, Saltines, Wheat thins

Rectangles: Graham crackers, sugar wafers, ice cream sandwiches

Triangles: Doritos, taco chips

Oval: Ritz crackers

Sphere: cheese balls

Cube: caramels or cheese squares

Cylinders: marshmallows

Cones: Bugles or ice cream cones

Personally, I’d prefer more rectangles (although I hadn’t thought of ice cream sandwiches, good one, guys) but this just seems like a classy idea for a par-tay. Shape party here I come!

August 26, 2010. Art, Culture, Music, Rectangles, Websites.

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