105. Vogue Covers

Today I came across this:

:dub. tee. eff.:

Yes, that’s raw meat. Lady Gaga, I don’t think this is avant garde or fabulous in any way. Come ON.

In honor of Lady Gaga, here’s an assortment of weird Vogue covers.

This cover has been really controversial. Racialicious commented on it pretty well. But here’s Lebron James and Gisele as King Kong and Faye. Obviously the large monkey connotation is pretty screwed up. What do my readers think?


Vogue Taiwan did this weird feathered thing:

:it's like she's a tropical bird:

Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow looks great here? Simple and fashionable…but I think the Robot is weird.

:is metallic "simple"?:

Here’s some vintage Vogue that I think is really creepy.

:strange sparkle:

And Vogue Italia’s take on…pirates?

:dirty is en vogue, i guess?:

September 17, 2010. Culture, Fashion, Periodicals, Rectangles.


  1. Shilo replied:

    That Vogue Italia cover made me think of the terminator. Super classy.

  2. Guancous Armore replied:

    Gwyneth’s cover is to promote Iron Man. That’s where the robot comes from.


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