107. Radish Toasts

Last Friday night was Date Night for Curtis and I. I went all out cooking, making appetizers, dinner and dessert. Okay, so the dessert was Fruit Cocktail.

:mostly made up of cubes:

For my appetizers I made little mushroom toasts and…radish squares. Inspired by the French love for fresh radishes on bread and butter.

:mmm. reminds me of brittany.:

First, I cut some wheat bread into small squares.I gave the bitty breads a light coating of olive oil, and then put them into the toaster for about three minutes, until they were golden brown. Then I sliced two fresh radishes into discs and placed them on the toasts. I then put some sea salt on the radishes, covered them again with a bit of olive oil, and voila! I had delicious radish squares.

:kinda like these, except without the tiny fish:

The sharp, bitter taste of the cold radishes tasted fantastic with the warmth of the croutons, and Curtis absolutely loved them. Now I make them for myself when I want a nice, light snack.

Fun fact: Radishes (although not rectangular) actually have some significant nutritional value. They are chock full of Potassium, Folate, Magnesium and Vitamin C.


:so good, so good for you!:

October 19, 2010. Food, Rectangles, Truth.

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