108. Notebooks

Notebooks have been really important to me for a long time. I kept a diary from 7th grade on, and was very picky about the notebooks I honored with that role in my life. After I started going to therapy, I started keeping a journal pretty regularly, recording my thoughts about what was hard, what was easy, and just what was going on. Initially, I focused mostly on my mental health. I had a lot to say, and I filled up many of these composition books, in different colors.

:great notebooks, i still use them for classes:

After that, I moved on to smaller models, so that I could write lists and take notes and record good quotes, along with my therapeutic writings. My favorite journals these days are by Writersblok. They come in a pack of 4 for about $6. They’re maybe 3′ by 5′, so they’re perfect to keep in the front pocket of my purse or back pack for convenience’s sake. I use them just about every day, whether to jot down a friend’s favorite song, what I want for my birthday, or just To Do lists.

:perfect companion:

About a week ago, Curtis bought me some Moleskine notebooks. I haven’t opened them yet, but Moleskines are supposed to be the trendy-best. As they advertise, they were the chosen notebook of Ernest Hemingway. Mine are navy and in the “cahier” style.

:beaucoup de cahiers:

For a while I also used a gorgeous Florentine notebook to keep track of money I spent – I recorded every expense for a month so I could reconsider how I spent money, considering what was worthwhile and what wasn’t. This experiment was part of what convinced me to stop smoking (so expensive!)

:classic florentine style:

What are my readers’ favorite notebooks and journals? This is such an exciting topic.

October 20, 2010. Books, Rectangles.


  1. Daniel Kanter replied:

    Oh, I want those new little cheap ones! I’ve basically gotten back into legal pads, the smallish ones though that old ladies use with perforation at the top. Lists, lists, and more lists. It’s not as intimidating as having an entire 8.5×11 bonafide sheet of paper.

  2. A. Hasler replied:

    I am also on the composition book tip. Did you see the moleskine iphone covers? Not only was I just yuppie/new-elite enough to type that, I will nonetheless hit reply, despite my shame.

    PS I am definitely going to buy a moleskine iphone cover.

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