120. My Kitchen is Perfect.

This website’s tagline is “We find the coolest stuff,” and it’s true. This site has some seriously sweet kitchen must-haves. And by must-haves, I mean, “It’s so awesome and useless. I must have it.”

Let’s start with something rectangular of the Asian persuasion.

Here is a rice cube, along with some of the results of its cubing action.


Pretty fucking sweet, right? Every time I go out for sushi, I wish it were more rectangular. Well, cubular, if I’m being specific. Finally, here’s a way to achieve that goal. Praise the Lord (of rectangles large and small).

This next product is something I’ve been meaning to feature for a long time. Presenting:


The Egg Cuber.

Now, we all like hard boiled eggs, right? Ok, I don’t like them that much, but they’re protein-rich and fill me up. The one time I do enjoy a hard boiled egg is in a salad, preferably a Salade Nicoise. That, my friends – that’s yum. Imagine the rectangular Nicoise masterpiece we could make with this cubed egg! I’ll post a sample recipe below.

Salade Rectangulaire, par Eliza Hecht


Two hard-boiled eggs, cubed and sliced into squares

A small, rectangular tuna steak

Olives, pitted, and with the corners cut off.

Green beans, with pointy ends cut off, leaving little rectangular strips.

Potatoes, cut up into one-inch cubes.

Lettuce, sliced into squares or small strips.

Boil the potatoes. Steam the green beans. Sear the tuna in a cast-iron pan. Boil the eggs. Rectangularize all components. Toss all ingredients in a simple vinaigrette. Serve on a rectangular platter for best effect.

Dude. What a rectangular triumph.

Check out the other cool things on this lovely website. Further rectangular options include this very cool cutting board. I also think that this wine/picnic tray is brilliant.

September 8, 2012. Food, Rectangles, Science, Websites.

One Comment

  1. hyacinthsnbiscuits replied:

    I didn’t know you had a blog! Why rectangles??

    Love the egg cuber. Clearly eggs would be perfect if they weren’t so darn round. I can just see Mother Nature hitting her forehead and going “DOH. I knew I screwed up the directions somewhere…”

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