129. Buckley’s Squeaky Blankey

I probably haven’t talked enough about my dog here.

His name is Buckley. He’s the cutest little guy in the world and I love him more than anything. Like, really, anything. Even Bergdorf Goodman.

Surriously. Is anything cuter than those ears? Those eyes? That faaaaaace?

Anyway, Buckley loves squeaky toys. He loves to produce lots and lots of squeaks in rapid succession, especially when I’m trying to watch Buffy or talk on the phone. He also really likes to destroy the toys. But they make him so happy before they are destroyed that I keep buying them. What can I say, I’m a sucker for my puppy-boy.

The best, least-destroyed toys I’ve found have been Kyjen Invincibles. They still squeak when punctured, and they also make a really hilarious/obnoxious squeak. Most of them have several squeakers involved. Additionally, they’re pretty reasonably priced for dog toys – coming out at about 8.99.

I called this one the “Squeaky Spidey.”

One day, I was in TJ Maxx killing time. I went to look at the dog toys, and found this, for 3.99:

Squeaky Blankey.

It’s a Kyjen. It’s also leopard print. It’s also got no less than sixteen squeakers. That’s right, folks. All the squeakers you could ever want and more. And – as if this toy could get any better – it’s a rectangle! Oh, joy of joys. Miracle of miracles.
Needless to say, Buckley and I love this toy. I’m not sure if he appreciates the leopard print as much as he should, but, hey, we all have our faults.

Ok, one more picture of my baby.

Water bottles make the best crinkly sounds!

October 22, 2012. Animals, Rectangles.

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