131. Thermacare Heat Wraps

As any of my readers who know me personally can attest, I have an old person bedtime. I go out, but I like to be in bed by 11. Sometimes I can make it to midnight, but no later. And, if left to my own devices, I’m often in bed by 9:30.


I like it that way. I need a lot of sleep. Plus I get some good puppycuddletime in. Always a plus.
This weekend, however, it seems like my back has caught up to my bedtime. I threw it out. Like, woke up this morning and couldn’t move. I went to my parents’ house and my mom taught me some stretches. The first consists of lying on your back and pulling your knees to your chest to a count of five. The second is pulling each leg to your chest individually, and the third is pulling your pelvis off the ground and clenching your butt muscles while keeping the small of your back on the floor. They helped, but not as much as my mother’s heating pad. I sat on it for half an hour while I watched Nurse Jackie. Good show.
Finally, I could move enough to leave their house, and I stopped at the CVS to buy a heating pad of my own. I also saw these dreamy items:

Making my day today.

Yes. Thermacare Heat Wraps! Formulated especially for my lower back pain. And in two sizes, S-M and L-XL. Convenient.


And they feel awesome. They have this little cloth thingy that wraps around your torso to hold the gel heat pads onto your body. Nothing sticky has to touch my skin, which I like. The packets are air-activated, so I don’t have to do anything other than take them out of the packaging to turn them on. And they last for eight hours. I’ve had this one on for three, and it feels fantastic. My back is still tight and painful, but not as bad as it was before!
Most importantly, they were, like, 4.99. The heating pad I bought cost 17.99. Granted, I can use it more than twice, but for the convenience, these gel things are a pretty good deal.



October 27, 2012. Rectangles, Science.

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