134. My Endorsement of AJ Cooper

If I were a real journalist, this endorsement would be printed on rectangular newsprint, or else in a rectangular magazine.
Unfortunately, I’m just a lowly blogger, so you get the rectangular screen of your choice.
Now, I’m as sick-to-death of the election as everyone else. Maybe moreso, because I live in Washington, DC, where the coverage never stops.

But here’s what I’m about to do. WRITE ABOUT A CANDIDATE.
I discovered a young man named AJ Cooper a few months ago. Cooper is running for one of two At-Large seats on the DC City Council. He started putting up signs in my lovely home neighborhood of Petworth. This is what they look like:

Honor. Courage. Commitment. Ok, so those goals are vague, but we all like them, right?

Two days ago, I decided – purely on the beatific composition of the campaign posters – to look up Cooper online. Turns out, he’s super adorable. He stands for good things – alternative energy, sex ed in schools, employment. Ok, so his plans for how to achieve these things aren’t completely fleshed out. But here is why I genuinely want my DC readers to vote for AJ Cooper for DC City Council At-Large:

In this wonderful but corrupt city, we could use more idealistic, young leaders like AJ Cooper. He might not have determined how he wants to accomplish good things, but he wants to. We have so many depressing old hats in the DC City Council (here’s looking at you, Marion Barry). It’s time for someone young and idealistic to unseat them and bring about some fresh blood and ambition for making this city a better place. Chairman Phil Mendelson has been on the Council for 14 years. Ward 1’s Jim Graham has been on it for 13. Fucking Marion Barry (Ward 8) has been in DC government for nearly 40 years. Even Ward 4’s Muriel Bowser has been around for almost 6 years. Sure, Cooper might not have much experience – but he has dreams. And in this city of jaded, corrupt officials, I like that. Plus, he grew up in Petworth, the hood which I love the most.

So, since I plan on moving out of DC within the next year and can’t run for council myself, I formally endorse AJ Cooper. AJ: May the rectangles be always at your heels.

AJ, my man: Sorry I didn’t get to endorse you earlier. But if you read this, I’d love to get coffee sometime and discuss this city we both love so much. I hope you win.

November 5, 2012. Culture, Rectangles, Truth.

One Comment

  1. Gregory Hemby replied:

    I worked for AJ Cooper’s father some time ago and with that DNA not yet fully developed, the potential for a Cooper Ward 4 is tremendously enthusiastic. I live in Ward 7 and I’ll be doing what I can to support him as a Ward 4 candidate for council.

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