About Me.

:she's got freckles on her butt, she's nice:

:she’s got freckles on her butt, she’s nice:

I am Eliza’s biggest fan.

I love flowers, dresses and playing the banjo. I am passionate about soup. I am a smoker and a redhead. Both species are endangered. My favorite color is yellow. I am 4’11”, which means that I am legally a midget (but a really tall one). I have a hound dog named Buckley, who is the love of my life. I tell really good bedtime stories. I also talk in my sleep.

None of these things are rectangles.


  1. Daniel replied:

    poor huey. RIP.

    Perhaps a sensitive subject, but was it the old “I’ve made the decision to leap from the tank onto the water-less floor, please don’t mourn me” tactic that’s become the hallmark of marine suicide?

  2. Eliza replied:

    Yep. But I think it’s Nick’s Mom’s fault for changing the pebbles in his tank.

  3. Mandy replied:

    You should check out snapple face #887 all about square/rectangle trees its very cool!http://realfacts.snapple.com/hiptobesquare/

  4. James replied:

    I red the red haired lady – then I wanted to meet her
    On my way I saw and plucked it – a pretty yellow flower
    I bent as if I’m bowing- cause I’m six feet taller
    And kissed her sweet red cheek -on her ear I whisper

    Will you come to my world of circles ?

    Oh then what’ll happen to my rectangles?
    If you come to my world I’ll make the edges round for you, she said.

    How about elipses I asked. She just hugged me and said ” you’re my rectangle”

    • Eliza H replied:

      My boyfriend is lucky you don’t live in DC.

  5. shecht11 replied:

    yolanda: add dis mofo http://www.stumbleupon.com/buttons/

  6. AnnW replied:

    So, you’re a Gingah? You are right you are almost extinct. You had better have kids right away. At 4-10 you are still taller than Snooki. And probably two or three times as smart.

    • Eliza H replied:

      i love you.

  7. Sam replied:

    I have the same zippo! 🙂 and you’re pretty!

  8. theflimculb replied:

    Hello! I’ve been enjoying reading your blog and have just nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    If you’re not really into the blog award thing, then no hard feelings, feel free to ignore this. Just know that I like your posts!

    To see your nomination and questions, have a look here:


  9. Crazy Dog Lady replied:

    Hi, just wondered, would you be willing to allow us to use your photo of your dog with pancakes on on our Facebook/Twitter page with some funny text on it? 🙂

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